• Welcome back and happy New Year to everyone.

Our Mission Statement

Our vision and motto, alongside our values, are exemplified through our school mission statement. We will:  

  • Nurture a community where strong caring relationships, built on Christian values, promote good mental health and wellbeing in which everyone feels loved, cherished and
  • Be thankful for the gifts and talents that God has given us and others.
  • Respect ourselves and others knowing that there is something extraordinary and wondrous in everything and in everyone.
  • Provide a rich, varied and creative curriculum that ignites the joy and wisdom of learning so that all know ‘nothing is impossible with God’.
  • Value collective worship and times for spiritual reflection that enhances and provides opportunities for spiritual development.
  • Develop a PSHE and RSE curriculum that empowers all to be respectful towards and sensitive to the wants and needs of others.
  • Have the courage, perseverance and resilience needed to face the challenges of modern Britain and the wider global community.