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Filename Size Date
Medication in School Permission Form.docx 24.1KB 24/11/2021
WWJS Privacy Notice Pupils 2019.pdf 94.5KB 24/11/2021
Accessibility Plan 2022-2025.pdf 419.3KB 10/06/2022
Equal Oppportunities Policy March 2022-2024.pdf 286.5KB 07/07/2022
Safeguarding Supervision Policy 2023-2024.pdf 242.7KB 30/01/2023
Physical Restraint Policy January 2023.pdf 378.4KB 09/02/2023
Anti-Bullying Policy 2023-24.pdf 332.3KB 09/02/2023
Parental Concerns Policy Nov 2022-2023.pdf 177.4KB 09/02/2023
Complaints Policy 2023-2024.pdf 290.0KB 16/05/2023
Admission Arrangements Policy - Pupils 2023-2024.pdf 182.2KB 06/06/2023
Charging Remissions Policy 2023-2024.pdf 303.0KB 06/06/2023
Whistleblowing Policy May 2023-2024.pdf 249.5KB 06/06/2023
RSHE Policy - 2023-2024.pdf 327.1KB 06/06/2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2023-2024.pdf 365.2KB 03/07/2023
Equalities Statement 2022-2026.pdf 218.5KB 07/09/2023
SEN Policy 2023-2024.pdf 389.2KB 18/09/2023
School Uniform 2023-2024.pdf 237.4KB 19/09/2023
Data Protection Policy - 2023-2024.pdf 337.0KB 27/09/2023
TWSP Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-24 Wro... 762.2KB 09/10/2023
Child on Child Abuse September 2023-2024.docx 501.2KB 14/11/2023
Asthma Policy 2023-2024.doc 502KB 14/11/2023
Code of conduct for parents and Visitors 2023-2024.docx 307.0KB 14/11/2023
EHWB Policy 2023-2024.docx 428.6KB 14/11/2023
English as Additional Language 2023-2024.docx 305.1KB 14/11/2023
Inclusion Policy 2023-2025.doc 351.5KB 14/11/2023
Racial Equality Policy 2023-2024.doc 361.5KB 14/11/2023
Medication in School Policy 2023-2024.doc 426.5KB 15/11/2023
Behaviour Policy Nov 2023-2024.pdf 1.1MB 17/11/2023
Behaviour Principles Written Statement September 2023-202... 156.9KB 17/11/2023
FOI Act Policy 2023 - 2024.pdf 298.5KB 17/11/2023
Children with health needs who cannot attend school Polic... 202.6KB 17/11/2023
CCTV Policy 2023-2024.pdf 206.6KB 17/11/2023
CiC policy Sept 2023-24 (1).pdf 348.4KB 17/11/2023