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Letters and Newsletters

Please find below a link to our weekly newsletter

Filename Size Date
Newsletters Autumn Term 2022-2023
       Newsletter 9th September 2022.pdf 2.1MB 09/09/2022
       Newsletter 16th September 2022.pdf 1.5MB 16/09/2022
       Newsletter 23rd September 2022.pdf 702.4KB 23/09/2022
       Newsletter 30th September 2022.pdf 3.0MB 30/09/2022
       Newsletter 6th October 2022.pdf 1.8MB 06/10/2022
       Newsletter 14th October 2022.pdf 3.1MB 14/10/2022
       Newsletter 21st October 2022.pdf 1.2MB 21/10/2022
       Newsletter 4th November 2022.pdf 1.4MB 04/11/2022
       Newsletter 11th November 2022.pdf 2.3MB 11/11/2022
       Newsletter 18th November 2022.pdf 1.4MB 18/11/2022
       Newsletter 25th November 2022.pdf 1.8MB 25/11/2022
       Newsletter 2nd December 2022.pdf 2.1MB 02/12/2022
       Newsletter 9th December 2022.pdf 1.3MB 09/12/2022
       Newsletter 16th December 2022.pdf 3.4MB 16/12/2022
       Newsletter 2nd December 2022.pdf (1) 2.1MB 05/05/2023
       Newsletter 24th November 2023.pdf 2.6MB 24/11/2023
Parents' Evening Letters
       parents-eve-56p-6j-and-6s-7th-november-2022.docx 23.8KB 17/10/2022
       parents-eve-3b-3w-34l-and-4c-8th-november-2022.docx 23.9KB 17/10/2022
       parents-eve-4b-5g-and-5h-9th-november-2022.docx 23.9KB 17/10/2022
Letters 2022-2023
       Swimming Letter 2022.pdf 318.9KB 28/04/2022
       Parent View June 2022.pdf 421.8KB 24/06/2022
       Parental Invlovement Letter - Nov 2022.pdf 474.2KB 10/11/2022
       Exotic Zoo Trip 56P.pdf 457.5KB 11/11/2022
       Granville Trip Year 5.pdf 442.5KB 11/11/2022
       Trip Wrekin 34L.pdf 475.8KB 11/11/2022
       Guru Nanak Gurdwara - Nov 2022.pdf 497.0KB 11/11/2022
       Christmas Lunch - Dec 2022.pdf 480.4KB 09/12/2022
       School Trips Jan 2023.pdf 461.3KB 06/01/2023
       parent shadowing letter.pdf 468.9KB 06/01/2023
       Parent Lunch Year 5 - May 2023.pdf 470.7KB 05/05/2023
       Swimming 2023.pub 1.4MB 05/05/2023
Newsletters Spring Term 2022-2023
       Newsletter 6th January 2023.pdf 1.6MB 06/01/2023
       Newsletter 13.01.23.pdf 2.1MB 13/01/2023
       Newsletter 20.01.23.pdf 3.1MB 20/01/2023
       Newsletter 27th January 2023.pdf 2.2MB 27/01/2023
       Newsletter 3rd February 2023.pdf 2.8MB 03/02/2023
       Newsletter 10th February 2023.pdf 4.0MB 10/02/2023
       Newsletter 17th February 2023.pdf 1.9MB 17/02/2023
       Newsletter 3rd March 2023.pdf 6.1MB 03/03/2023
       Newsletter 10.03.23 .pdf 4.8MB 10/03/2023
       Newsletter 17.03.23.pdf 2.5MB 17/03/2023
       Newsletter 24th March 2023.pdf 3.5MB 24/03/2023
       Newsletter 31st March 2023.pdf 4.8MB 31/03/2023
Newsletters Summer Term 2022-2023
       Newsletter 21st April 2023.pdf 2.8MB 21/04/2023
       Newsletter 28.04.23.pdf 2.7MB 28/04/2023
       Newsletter 05.05.23.pdf 2.4MB 05/05/2023
       Newsletter 12th May 2023.pdf 3.2MB 12/05/2023
       Newsletter 19th May 2023.pdf 4.1MB 19/05/2023
       Newsletter 26th May 2023.pdf 2.5MB 26/05/2023
       Newsletter 9th June 2023.pdf 2.5MB 09/06/2023
       Newsletter 16th June 2023.pdf 2.7MB 16/06/2023
       Newsletter 23rd June 2023.pdf 6.9MB 23/06/2023
       Newsletter 30th June 2023.pdf 2.2MB 30/06/2023
       Summer activities 23 (1).pdf 640.6KB 30/06/2023
       Newsletter 7th July 2023.pdf 2.8MB 07/07/2023
       Newsletter 14th July 2023.pdf 2.9MB 14/07/2023
       SEND Newsletter Summer 2023.pdf 1.5MB 17/07/2023
       Newsletter 21st July 2023.pdf 3.6MB 24/07/2023
Newsletters 2020-2021
       Newsletters Summer Term 2020-2021
             Newsletter 23rd April 2021.pdf 730.8KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 30th April 2021 746.6KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 7th May 2021 405.2KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 14th May 2021 1.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 21st May 755.3KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 18th June.pdf 1.2MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 28th May.pdf 759.4KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 11th June.pdf 440.8KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 25th June.pdf 2.1MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 2nd July.pdf 456.8KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 16th July.pdf 1.9MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 9th July.pdf 1.8MB 05/05/2023
       Newsletters Autumn Term 2020-2021
             Welcome Back Letter Sept 2021.pdf 367.0KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 10th September.pdf 1003.8KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 17th September.pdf 1.6MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 24th September.pdf 1.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 1st October.pdf 1.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 8th October.pdf 974.3KB 05/05/2023
             PODS_Flyer___Autism_Support_Sessions.pdf 575.8KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 15th October.pdf 1.0MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 22nd October.pdf 2.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 5th November 2021.pdf 2.6MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 12th November 2021.pdf 2.2MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 19th November 2021.pdf 1.0MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 26th November 2021.pdf 689.1KB 05/05/2023
             Snow Letter 2021.pdf 175.0KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 3rd December 2021.pdf 1.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 10th December 2021.pdf 890.6KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 17th December 2021.pdf 2.0MB 05/05/2023
       Newsletters Spring Term 2020-2021
             Newsletter 12th Feb 2021.pdf 628.9KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 5th Feb 2021.pdf 616.0KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 26th Feb.pdf 1023.7KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 5th March.pdf 2.1MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 12th March.pdf 1.4MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 19th March.pdf 807.9KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 26th March.pdf 542.2KB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 31st March.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
Newsletters 2021-2022
       Newsletters Spring Term 2021-2022
             Newsletter 7th January 2022.pdf 2.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 14th January 2022.pdf 1.1MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 21st January 2022.pdf 1.1MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 28th January 2022.pdf 2.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 4th February 2022.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 11th February 2022.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 18th February 2022.pdf 2.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 4th March 2022.pdf 3.0MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 11th March 2022.pdf 2.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 18th March 2022.pdf 1.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 25th March 2022.pdf 1.9MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 1st April 2022.pdf 2.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 8th April 2022.pdf 2.5MB 05/05/2023
       Newsletters Summer Term 2021-2022
             Newsletter 29th April 2022.pdf 2.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 6th May 2022.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 13th May 2022.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 20th May 2022.pdf 1.4MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 27th May 2022.pdf 3.2MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 10th June 2022.pdf 2.1MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 17th June 2022.pdf 1.8MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 24th June 2022.pdf 1.3MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 1st July 2022 .pdf 3.7MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 8th July 2022.pdf 1.5MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 15th July 2022 .pdf 1.8MB 05/05/2023
             Newsletter 21st July 2022.pdf 3.1MB 05/05/2023
Newsletters Autumn Term 2023-2024
       Newsletter 8th Sept 2023.pdf 1.3MB 08/09/2023
       Newsletter 15th Sept 2023.pdf 2.1MB 15/09/2023
       Newsletter 22nd Sept 2023.pdf 1.8MB 22/09/2023
       Newsletter 29th Sept 2023 .pdf 2.4MB 29/09/2023
       Newsletter 6th October 2023 .pdf 2.8MB 06/10/2023
       Newsletter 13th October 2023_.pdf 1.7MB 13/10/2023
       Newsletter 20th October 2023.pdf 3.6MB 20/10/2023
       Newsletter 27th October 2023.pdf 3.1MB 27/10/2023
       Newsletter 10th November 2023 .pdf 3.7MB 10/11/2023
       Newsletter 17th November 2023.pdf 3.6MB 17/11/2023
       Newsletter 24th November 2023.pdf 2.6MB 24/11/2023
       Newsletter 1st December 2023.pdf 3.1MB 01/12/2023
       Newsletter 8th December 2023.pdf 2.6MB 08/12/2023