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Ofsted's School Data Dashboard gives a range of performance data for Key Stages 1 and 2 to show the percentage of pupils reaching the expected level in the key subjects of grammar, punctuation and spelling, reading, writing, mathematics. It also highlights the school's overall attendance and closing the gap measures, the attainment and expected progress of disadvantaged pupils compared to other children.

Due to COVID there has been no formal assessment reporting in 2019/20 and in 20/21.

Within school we assess our pupils every term in reading, writing, SPAG and maths. In RE and science we assess at the end of each unit of work. Assessments may take the form of practical activities, teacher observations, written tests and verbal responses. Teachers input each pupil’s data into an online system called DC Pro. This system enables us to analyse the data and look for patterns, trends and under achievement. Teachers use this data to plan interventions and activities to enable pupils to achieve more. In the foundation subjects we assess at the start and the end of a unit of work to consider what pupils already know and what they have now learnt.

Assessment is an integral part of our teachers practice and is used on a daily basis to assess pupils understanding and shape future planning. We encourage our pupils to be reflective, resilient learners who are able to consider and evaluate what they can do well and what they need to do to improve.

All of these practices enable our pupils to develop as confident successful learners.