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Equality at Wrockwardine Wood CE Juniors

The needs of our pupils will be identified at the earliest possible stage and we will support them to reach their full potential. At Wrockwardine Wood CE Juniors we aim to give equal opportunities to children of all abilities including those who find learning a challenge, or those who have a physical, social or emotional difficulty. We believe that a child may have difficulty in one curriculum area whilst being able in another. All children deserve the opportunity to succeed and improve according to their aptitude and ability in all areas of the curriculum. We strive to provide an Inclusive Education for all.

As a school we have identified 4 key Equality Objectives that we will focus on until the end of the academic year 2023-2024:


Objective 1: To narrow the gap in attainment in reading and writing between children who are PPG and those who are not. 

Why – Higher percentages of children who are non-PPG currently achieve age-expected and greater depth then those who are PPG. 

How – Each class identifies individual children on Pupil Progress Grids to target support to close the gap. Interventions to support the progress and attainment in reading and writing are primarily aimed at children with SEND and underachieving PPG children.  

Objective 2: To raise the percentage of PPG children achieving GDS across reading, writing and maths. 

Why – Not enough children who are PPG achieve greater depth in reading, writing or maths. 

How – Each class identifies individual children on Pupil Progress Grids to target each term to increase the number of PPG children achieving greater depth. Quality first teaching, interventions and increased adult time will support this progress.  

Objective 3: To encourage cultural understanding and awareness of different beliefs between different ethnic groups. 

Why – Our school has a high percentage of children who are WBRI. 

How – British Values training (PD Day), RE Curriculum coverage, Religious Visits (Covid – dependent), coverage in the RSE and PSHE Curriculum, Awareness Days and worship topics.  

Objective 4: To narrow the gap between MWAS, MWBC and WEUR children in reading, writing and maths 

Why – Children who identify as these ethnicities don’t achieve the same percentage age-expected results as their peers who are different ethnicities. 

How – PD Day information sharing with all staff, TA training, quality first teaching, additional support in the classroom from teachers and teaching assistants.

Equality Policy 2023-2024

For any information relating to SEND and Equality please see our SEND page.