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At WWJS we believe in wellbeing for everyone. Our dedicated pastoral lead, Miss Ashley is passionate in aiming to ensure that all members of our school community feel supported with their well-being. Our Pastoral care is a living and breathing entity which builds community within the school, creates supportive systems and positive relations between all members of the community promoting a strong ethos of mutual care and concern.

The pastoral role includes promoting children's safety and well-being, monitoring attendance, running specific interventions such as nurture groups, social skills groups and providing specific mental health support through non-clinical cognitive behaviour therapy approaches. As well as Miss Ashley’s support, we may offer a specific intervention with one of our skilled Emotional Literacy Support Assistance (ELSA), well-being councillors or Mental Health First Aiders. ​

 Daily check-ins are an important part of the pastoral care that we offer and are an integral part of our ethos ( Love ,Laugh, Learn) . Each teacher will offer an opportunity to check-in with all children during morning registration, and throughout the day using the evidence based “zones of regulation” approach.  Promoting a common language of emotional literacy.  Class teachers or Learning Support Assistants will follow up with any children who may need further support. Additionally, some children have targeted daily check-ins with a named member of staff to support them in school.

 We believe in creating resilient young people who:

  • Seek help when they need it
  • Cope with stress effectively
  • Have good problem-solving skills
  • Are able to manage their feelings in all aspects of their lives


At WWJS pastoral care does not end at the school gates and we value our families as a whole unit. Miss Ashley will consider the holistic needs of a child in order to provide the most beneficial support, therefore her support often extends to supporting parents too, through intervention and empowering parents to be able to make more informed choices that benefit their child, strengthening their attachment and relationships. Miss Ashley has an open-door policy to be available to always listen, comfort and work together with the child and their families to ensure  positive outcomes. ​  

As a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Ashley also supports families accessing the Early Help (formally known as CAF or TAC) or Child Protection processes, liaising with external agencies and social care teams. Miss Ashley works closely with and can provide links to external agencies should these be required. This role can involve advocating on behalf of children. The needs and the voice of each child are always kept at the centre of our work, through a child centred approach focusing on the rights of the child, anti-discriminatory practice, safeguarding and child protection.

We welcome you to contact school should you have any worries or are experiencing challenges in school or at home. Any change in home life, no matter how small can influence the children in school. We are here to support both you and your child.

All information will of course be treated confidentially unless there is concern over child safety.

Supporting families to help improve the attendance of all our children is a key aim for the school. Miss Ashley and Mrs Smart work together to help monitor attendance and provide families with support when needed. For more information see attendance section.

The aims of pastoral support at WWJS:

  • To provide support that meets the differing needs of all children so that each child is equipped with the skills to cope with life.
  • To support children to address social, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs.
  • To maintain an atmosphere in which children feel secure, are encouraged in their learning, growth and social development and know that they are valued within a healthy and safe environment.
  • To reassure parents/carers their children are being educated in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To encourage pupils to recognise and reflect upon our ethos (Love, Laugh and Learn)
  • To work with a range of stakeholders, parents, support staff, outreach agencies and other schools to ensure the continuity and progress of individual pupils.


  • To support and work alongside parents in addressing pastoral concerns impacting on their child’s learning and development.
  • To work with staff in ensuring good pupil support and build upon the caring and respectful relationships that exist between staff, pupils and families.
  • To provide specialist counselling to support individual children; listening and talking to children who may need support in a variety of pastoral issues, for example, self-esteem and confidence, bereavement, managing feelings, anxieties/worries, separation and developing social and friendships skills.
  • Responding to situations as they arise within school.
  • Meeting with parents/carers to discuss issues relating to their child.
  • To ‘signpost’ families to outside services for appropriate provision and support.


  • Pupils – any child in the school can ask to speak to Miss Ashley or any member of staff if they have a problem or a worry at school or at home.  They can do this by either approaching Miss Ashley or by asking a member of staff.  A suitable time will then be arranged to meet.
  • Parents/carers – if you have a pastoral concern regarding your child then you can phone the school, speak to your child’s class teacher or make an appointment to see Miss Ashley via the school office. 
  • School staff – a Pastoral Support Concern can be completed using our internal systems and then a meeting with the pupil will be arranged depending on particular needs.